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Report on Activities to Support Medical Professionals: Establishment of "Johnny’s Smile Up! Project Fund"

We offer our sincere condolences for those who lost their lives to COVID-19.
We also extend our deepest sympathies to those affected by COVID-19.
When the number of confirmed cases has been increasing throughout Japan, we are aware that everyone is living their everyday lives taking appropriate measures to prevent infection.

As part of the Johnny’s Smile Up! Project, we have been conducting support activities with a focus on healthcare professionals to prevent the spread of COVID-19. On this occasion, we have established “Johnny’s Smile Up! Project Fund” in the Japanese Nursing Association to support nurses.
Since the beginning of the outbreak, the Smile Up! Project has considered providing support to nurses. Because many occupations are essential to our everyday lives, we are grateful to every professional who engages in their work. However, the support activity for medical professionals was prioritized because the hospitals were overwhelmed during the state of emergency and they were experiencing the direct effect of the outbreak. As we learned, among all the medical professionals, nurses who work closely with the patients every day while taking the measures to prevent infection at the forefront of the clinical environment are under immense physical and emotional pressure. We were hoping to bring a smile to their faces. With the aid of the Japanese Nursing Association, we are finally able to provide support to nurses.
We were able to implement this support program successfully because you viewed video content and listened to charity songs that we promoted under the Smile Up! Project. We would like to express our sincere gratitude.

We are pleased to announce the following support:

Donation to the Japanese Nursing Association
Johnny’s Smile Up! Project Fund: 500 million yen

Use of the fund:
1. Project related to the development of certified nurses
2. Support project for training schools for nurses

(Total amount of support for measures against COVID-19)
◆Johnny’s Smile Up ! Amount of project fund (recent support): 500 million yen
◆ Amount of support for enhancement of PCR testing system (reported on October 6, 2020): 200 million yen
* Sets of PCR test instruments, equipment and consumable supplies to each of the 47 prefectures
◆ Amount of support for medical supplies (reported on June 4, 2020): 360 million yen
* Protective clothing/isolation gowns: 83,000 gowns
Surgical masks (N95 and other)/other masks: 1,000,000 masks

Total amount of support (as of December 21, 2020): 1,060 million yen

It would be our great pleasure to aid current and future nurses through the above-mentioned projects.

The support project for acquisition of nursing qualifications, which is one use of the fund, is based on our awareness that those who became certified nurses in a wide variety of nursing qualification fields are currently working actively in clinical environments as invaluable assets. We learned that some of those who aspire to become certified nurses give up due to economical burdens, including training expenses and living expenses during enrollment. We chose this project as one of the uses. As support for the students who shoulder the future, we delivered training equipment to nursing schools nationwide.

Kanjani Eight, a Jonny & Associates’ group performer, presented the Japanese Nursing Association with the list on behalf of the Smile Up! Project team at the presentation ceremony held today to celebrate the establishment of the fund.

We extend our deepest appreciation to all concerned parties for their support in the establishment of the fund.
We hope that this support brings smiles and hope to current and future nurses.
Johnny’s Group will continue to work to prevent the spread of COVID-19 until the virus is no longer a threat.

We thank you for your support moving forward.

December 21, 2020
Johnny & Associates