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Report on Activities to Support Medical Professionals

We extend our deepest sympathies to those affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus.

We are aware that everyone is adapting to the new normal through trial and error, even after the state of emergency has lifted.

We have been working to deliver masks and protective clothing to medical institutions to support medical professionals with the Johnny’s Smile Up! Project. After completing the delivery of medical supplies, excluding antibacterial masks, which were prepared to be used mainly in medical institutions, we would like to share the details.


[Relief supplies sent to medical institutions (Current as of June 4)]

●Protective clothing (isolation gowns): 33,000 gowns

●Isolation gowns: 50,000 gowns

●Surgical masks (N95 and other): 570,000 masks

●Three layer masks: 230,000 masks

※Protective clothing, isolation gowns, surgical masks (N95 and other), and three layer masks purchased from a Chinese factory have been supplied to medical institutions.


●Antibacterial masks: 200,000 masks

※Antibacterial masks newly produced at a Japanese apparel factory have been prepared.

Because delivery of the essential supplies for medical institutions was prioritized, antibacterial masks will be delivered from mid-June.

Antibacterial masks for children have been prepared and will be delivered for the children of medical professionals.


Total Medical Supplies

◆Total amount of protective clothing and isolation gowns: 83,000 gowns

◆Total surgical masks (N95 and other) and other masks: 1 million masks


Total Cost for Medical Supplies (Current as of June 4): 360 million yen


[Medical institutions provided with relief supplies]

◆Medical institutions provided with supplies: 645 institutions nationwide

※ The following list includes part of the medical institutions to which we have delivered supplies, in order of the Japanese syllabary.

Ibaraki Prefectural Central Hospital (Ibaraki Prefecture)

Medical Corporation Fuyoukai, Futatsuya Hospital (Ishikawa Prefecture)

Osaka City General Hospital (Osaka Prefecture)

Okinawa Prefectural Nanbu Medical Center・Nanbu Child Medical Center (Okinawa Prefecture)

North Medical Center, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine (Kyoto Prefecture)

Kyorin University Hospital (Tokyo Metropolis)

Kurume University Hospital (Fukuoka Prefecture)

Gunma University Hospital (Gunma Prefecture)

Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital (Hyogo Prefecture)

International University of Health and Welfare Narita Hospital (Chiba Prefecture)

Center Hospital of the National Center for Global Health and Medicine, National Research and Development Agency (Tokyo Metropolis)

Saitama Medical University Hospital (Saitama Prefecture)

Social Medical Corporation Koseikai Kizawa Memorial Hospital (Gifu Prefecture)

Juntendo University School of Medicine, Juntendo Hospital (Tokyo Metropolis)

Otsu City Hospital (Shiga Prefecture)

Sapporo City General Hospital (Hokkaido Prefecture)

St. Marianna University School of Medicine (Kanagawa Prefecture)

Local Incorporated Administrative Agency Kitakyushu City Hospital Organization (Fukuoka Prefecture)

Tokyo Medical And Dental University, Medical Hospital (Tokyo Metropolis)

The Jikei University Hospital (Tokyo Metropolis)

Incorporated Administrative Agency Tsuruga Medical Center (Fukui Prefecture)

Incorporated Administrative Agency The Hokkaido Medical Center (Hokkaido Prefecture)

Tokoname City Hospital (Aichi Prefecture)

Toyama University Hospital (Toyama Prefecture)

Nagoya Memorial Hospital (Aichi Prefecture)

Japanese Red Cross Narita Hospital (Chiba Prefecture)

Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools of Japan, Tokyo Rinkai Hospital (Tokyo Metropolis)

Japanese Red Cross Medical Center (Tokyo Metropolis)

Hiroshima University Hospital (Hiroshima Prefecture)

Yokohama Municipal Citizen’s Hospital (Kanagawa Prefecture)

Rinku General Medical Center (Osaka Prefecture)


We would like to share our gratitude for everyone who made efforts on all fronts, from the production and arrangement of the supplies to transportation from China and delivery to the medical institutions. Thanks to that warm support, we have been able to implement this support activity.


Because we had the opportunity to be in contact with medical professionals throughout this support activity, we understand some of the reasons why we can receive medical treatment with peace of mind under normal circumstances and, even under emergency circumstances such as this, a safe medical environment remains available to us. We learned that all this is possible because of the medical professionals who work closely with their patients. We also realized that this is true for all other professionals who are engaged in jobs that support our everyday lives during these times that require self-restraint. We have been able to continue living our daily lives even during the outbreak of the coronavirus because of those who have supported us with a strong sense of responsibility and we greatly appreciate those people.


Although this activity marks the end of the stage of us providing support through the delivery of medical supplies, we will continue thinking of ways to provide aid and to be of service while monitoring the situation.


Meanwhile, we will continue to offer our video streaming service through Johnny’s net Online, the proceeds of which will go towards the purchasing costs of the medical supplies that were delivered and the cost of future support activities. Streaming of Johnny’s World Happy LIVE with YOU is scheduled between June 16 and 21. We would be more than happy if you participated in our support activities while enjoying the videos.


We imagine that society will begin to rebound, accompanied by changes, and we sincerely hope that everyone can make the best of the new normal. To this end, we will continue collaborating on prevention to bring an end to the impact of the coronavirus. While taking on new challenges leveraging our experience through the recent activities, we will work hard in the entertainment business, which is our main business, and the Smile Up! Project.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in our support activities.


Your continued support is appreciated.



June 4, 2020

Johnny & Associates