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Announcement regarding the “Disaster Relief Fund for the July 2018 Floods”

We extend our heartfelt sympathy to the people and communities impacted by the July 2018 Floods.

To provide support to the affected regions and to the victims of this natural disaster, Johnny’s Group carried out a fund-raising campaign. Donation boxes were placed at many of the concerts and theater performances where our artists were performing. Our sincere appreciation on behalf of all of the artists and staff at Johnny’s Group for your support and encouragement. Once again, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to all who helped.

Due to the recent large-scale earthquake in Hokkaido, we shall be shifting our fundraising activities at concerts and theater performances from “Fundraising for the July 2018 Floods” to “Fundraising for the 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake”. Therefore, we will share the following report of the status of the “Disaster Relief Fund for the July 2018 Floods” as of August 31st, and release a final report once the total funds and donation recipient have been determined.


[Disaster Relief Fund for the July 2018 Floods]
Total funds raised:8,126,390 yen (as of August 31st)
Contributions distributed to: Hiroshima Prefecture, Okayama and Ehime Prefecture

All of us at Johnny’s Group will endeavor to provide ongoing support for victims of natural disasters.
We extend our deepest sympathies to the victims of the disaster and hope for a rapid recovery for both the people and areas affected by this disaster.

September 6th, 2018 Johnny’s Group

We have amended the name of the earthquake which occurred in the Middle Eastern portion of Iburi, Hokkaido to the “2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake”, in accordance with the official name announced by the Japan Meteorological Agency.