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Report on planting of a tree by V6

Thank you for your continued support.

We are announcing that V6 has planted an olive tree in a space provided by Edogawa Ward Office as part of an effort to protect the natural environment.

First of all, V6 will give their last live performance today and end their group activities that had lasted for the past 26 years.

We organized a concert tour when the COVID-19 infection was spreading and faced some difficulties in holding concerts in the midst of the pandemic. However, thanks to the cooperation of the fans and the support of everyone in the industry, we were able to give all performances as scheduled, without problem.

We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who supported this concert tour.

The V6 members and staff feel profoundly grateful believing that there is nothing more joyful than ending their group activities as V6 by spending the time with the fans in a live performance.

We have no doubt that all of the affections you have given to V6 will continue kindling a light of gratitude in their hearts and will become a driving force for their new activities that will begin tomorrow.

Ever since V6 decided to dissolve, the members have wanted to express their feeling of gratitude in a tangible way and, through that, to repay everyone for their support. The older they became, the more conscious they became of “what they can leave for future generations.”  As they not only became aware of social issues, but also became interested in proactively addressing them, they decided to make an effort to protect the natural environment by tuning their feeling of gratitude into a tree.

As a first step, they have planted an olive tree in a lot in Edogawa Ward Nagisa Park, provided by Edogawa Ward Office that has been proactively promoting the SDGs.

An olive tree, which was chosen this time, symbolizes peace.

When he was alive, Johnny, who brought V6 out into the world, always wished that the future would be full of peace and hope where entertainment is enjoyed by all. Whether an artist is a group member or an independent artist, their mission as a successor of Johnny is to bring happiness to everyone by offering entertainments. Based on this mission, they decided to plant an olive tree, which is a symbol of peace, aiming to contribute to a lush and green environment that is essential in a peaceful world, thinking of children with their whole future ahead. They named the tree the “V6 tree.” We sincerely hope that this place under the V6 tree will always be a happy place where generation after generation of children gather with a smile on their faces and grow healthily.

Again we extend our sincere gratitude to those who have supported V6 over the past 26 years.

Today is the last day of V6. Nothing would make them happier than your warm encouragement.

We greatly appreciate your continued support and guidance for the six.


November 1, 2021
Johnny & Associates


What V6 can do at the end.
We have been thinking about this for a long time.

We were together with smile on our faces in good times and in more difficult times. What can we do at the end of our times together?

Many children come to our concerts.

They are the children of our grown-up fans who have supported V6 since their school days.

Every time we see children who wave at us with their starry eyes, we were telling each other that we always want to see them smile.

What we can do.

Perhaps it is to leave something for children with their whole future ahead.

We want them to always smile, work with their friends and never feel defeated.

Edogawa Ward Office has been proactively providing childcare support and addressing environmental issues and has agreed with our cause.

They provided a space in Edogawa Ward Nagisa Park, a family-friendly place where children can play with peace in mind.

We planted an olive tree, which is a symbol of “peace, wisdom and victory,” and named it the “V6 tree.”

We long for peace and hope to leave behind a spirit to overcome every possible difficulty by combining everyone’s wisdom.

It is a peaceful park where flowers in every color bloom in spring.

We hope it will be loved not only by our fans but also by people generally.

As many trees as possible
As many smiles as possible

For our children with their whole future ahead
We will do what we can do now.


November 1, 2021