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Report of a COVID-19 Infection: Ryosuke Hashimoto (A.B.C-Z), Johnny & Associates

We announce that Ryosuke Hashimoto (A.B.C-Z), an artist of Johnny & Associates, was confirmed to have contracted COVID-19.

Hashimoto had a fever of 38.4 ℃ in the middle of the night on August 20, took a PCR test, and tested positive for COVID-19.

He will receive medical attention over a certain period of time and undergo a follow-up examination.

After learning that Hashimoto had COVID-19, we administered PCR tests for all A.B.C-Z members and all 4 members tested negative.

Based on the health center’s instructions, we investigated whether anyone had had close contact with Sugeta and identified no one. However, if anyone who has had close contact with the infected artist is identified, beyond the people involved with Johnny’s Group, we will ensure that they will be informed of the situation and be advised to follow the instructions of the public health center.

Hashimoto has not entered the Johnny & Associates building or any related facilities for a few days. Therefore, the activities of other artists and the business activities of Johnny & Associates will continue as usual, while taking appropriate measures to prevent other infections.

Because Ryosuke contracted COVID-19, we have canceled all the performances of Bun to Fun that he was scheduled to appear in between August 25 and September 12.

We sincerely apologize to those who were looking forward to the performances and everyone involved for any inconveniences caused by cancellation so close to the performance date.

For details about the performance, visit the official website.

Johnny & Associates will endeavor to prevent infections and ensure the safety of you, the people who kindly support us, our artists and our employees by continuing the measures that we are currently taking, such as wearing masks, hand-washing and the use of alcohol disinfectants, teleworking, staggering work hours and avoiding closed places.

We sincerely apologize for any concern this may have caused.

Your understanding is appreciated.



August 23, 2021
Johnny & Associates