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Report Regarding Revision of the Johnny's Jr. Policy

Thank you for continuously doing business with us.


Today, we announce that the Johnny’s Jr. policy has been partially revised.


The Johnny’s Jr. project was supported by Johnny throughout his life as a producer aiming to discover and train the idols and artists who are essential to the entertainment of Johnny and Associates. We have been following his policy in operating the Johnny’s Jr. project and in accumulating achievements for many years up until today. The artists are the proof that they are who they are today because of their activities in Johnny’s Jr. Thanks to your support, the number of members who have debuted is beyond what we imagined when the project was established and they have been given chances to be involved in a wide variety of activities, which gives the Johnny’s Jr. members hopes in their daily activities.


Recently, we have become concerned that some members, who have reached a certain age, may be having difficulties figuring out what direction they want to take in the future because they have become too comfortable in the company’s great environment. To secure and respect the diversified futures of ex-members of Johnny’s Jr., while standing strong in our belief, retaining the original form of Johnny’s Jr. and observing the changing times and society as the successor of Johnny’s Jr. We have continuously discussed how Johnny’s Jr. should be because after taking up the valuable time of young people who will be responsible for the next generation.


As a result, we decided to set an age limit for Johnny’s Jr. with the view of returning the Johnny’s Jr. project to its roots as a program where members eventually debut as idols or artists and to allow members to determine what direction they want to take in the future. Specifically, if there is no agreement with the company on continued activities as a member of Johnny’s Jr by the first March 31 after the member reaches the age of 22, his contract with Johnny & Associates will be terminated that day. The new policy will go into effect on March 31, 2023, after a preparation period. We appreciate your understanding. Regarding groups with some Johnny’s Jr. members or individual Johnny’s Jr. members who will have reached the age of 22 by the above date, we have already reached agreements with them on their continued activities as members.


Even if some members may not be able to achieve their ambition to become a Johnny & Associates idol or artist, we wish them the best in their future endeavors in a wide range of areas. We feel lucky to have been able to spend some time with them. While appreciating the fact that the members chose to work as part of the Johnny’s Jr. project from countless options, we want to return the Johnny’s Jr. project to its roots and enhance its activities. We will do our best to help the Johnny’s Jr. members grow and make great strides as an idol or artist by providing them an environment where they can support and encourage each other through friendly rivalry.


It is sad to say that, because of this new age limit, there may be members who can no longer continue working as Johnny’s Jr. members. Whatever the case, we hope that they can spend their remaining time with us in a valuable way.

Our mission as a successor of Johnny is to bring happiness to everyone by introducing new artists to the world and offering entertainment. The artists and employees at Johnny & Associates, will continue our commitment to the creation of new entertainment and business practices.


We greatly appreciate your continued support and guidance.


January 16, 2021

Johnny & Associates