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Report on Activities of Masaki Aiba, Johnny & Associates Artist

We are pleased to announce that Masaki Aiba, artist of Johnny & Associates, has recovered from illness after resting at home and will resume his activities.


Because Aiba started feeling unwell due to fatigue and a slight fever from midnight on January 3 to early morning on January 4, he was absent from the recording of VS DAMASHII on January 4, as well as other activities to be on the safe.

Because he recovered after resting at home for a few days and underwent a PCR test that tested negative, he will resume his activities on January 9.


We sincerely apologize for any concern or inconvenience by Aiba being absent from the first regular show of VS DAMASHII.


Johnny & Associates will continue to endeavor to take good care of its artists and employees.



January 8, 2021

Johnny & Associates