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Report of COVID-19 Infections: Taiga Tsubaki, Takuya Kageyama, Taiga Suzuki, Johnny’s Jr. members of IMPACTors, Johnny & Associates

We announce that Taiga Tsubaki, Takuya Kageyama, and Taiga Suzuki, Johnny’s Jr. members of IMPACTors, Johnny & Associates, were confirmed to have contracted the COVID-19 coronavirus.

As a result of a regularly conducted PCR test, Tsubaki tested positive for COVID-19 on December 16. In response, IMPACTors members underwent a PCR test, and other members, Kageyama and Suzuki, also tested positive on December 17. Tsubaki has a stuffy nose, and both Kageyama and Suzuki are asymptomatic. As instructed by the health center, they are currently receiving medical attention and will receive a follow-up observation.
Kageyama and Suzuki had close contact with Tsubaki. No one else was identified as having had close contact with them among artists and staff in the company. We have already contacted those individuals outside of the company who have had close contact with the band members.

Because the band members had entered the Johnny & Associates’ related facilities, we sterilized the facilities.

Johnny & Associates will endeavor to prevent infections and ensure the safety of you, the people who kindly support us, our artists, and our employees by continuing the measures that we are currently taking, such as wearing masks, hand-washing and the use of alcohol disinfectants, all of which are simple but effective, in addition to teleworking, staggering work hours and avoiding closed places.

We sincerely apologize for any concern this may have caused and for making the announcement on short notice due to coordination with related parties. We appreciate your understanding.


December 24, 2020
Johnny & Associates