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Announcement Regarding Johnny & Associates Group "TOKIO"

We would like to make an announcement regarding the activities of Johnny & Associates Group, TOKIO.

Johnny & Associates announces that the three members of the group, Shigeru Joshima, Taichi Kokubun and Masahiro Matsuoka, will establish TOKIO Co., Ltd. on April 1, 2021, and will manage the company as an affiliate of Johnny & Associates, Inc. Tomoya Nagase has decided to leave Johnny & Associates to pursue a separate path.

Since their CD debut in 1994, the group members have been working as band members, actors and commentators, while developing their strengths, complementing each other’s weakness and maintaining their spirit of professionalism. This is why they have become a group that is beloved by people of all ages.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the fans who have supported TOKIO over the years and those who enjoyed it through a variety of media sources, because they made TOKIO a strong and tough group.

Upon this monumental decision made by the TOKIO members, who took the time to exchange their views on each other’s lives, as a company, we have been following them closely to create an environment where we can give them our wholehearted support.

Shigeru Joshima will participate in the management of TOKIO Co., Ltd., as president and Taichi Kokubun and Masahiro Matsuoka will act as vice presidents. While preserving the name TOKIO, which was given by Johnny Kitagawa, as a business name, they will be performing work both as a group and as individuals, allowing themselves a lot more of latitude than ever and the ability to proactively take on new challenges.

Based on the idea of “respecting people’s individuality,” which he was taught by Johnny Kitagawa as a boy, Tomoya Nagase has decided to start working behind the scenes to create a completely new form of work from scratch, without belonging to any company, while availing himself of his long-nurtured creativity as an artist.

We apologize to the fans and everyone involved with the group for making the announcement on short notice. Thank you for your support of the TOKIO members who will take on new challenges.

July 22, 2020
Johnny & Associates