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Report of a COVID-19 Infection: Artist Nobuki Fukushi, Jonny’s Jr., Jonny’s Group

We announce that, on July 3, 2020, artist Nobuki Fukushi, a Jonny’s Jr. artist of Jonny & Associates (“Jonny’s Group”) was confirmed to have contracted the COVID-19 coronavirus.


After being informed of the results of his Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test, the artist is taking the steps recommended by the health center to self-quarantine and receive medical treatment.


What is known at this time is that he developed a fever on June 30 and was found to have contracted the coronavirus. Since June 16, he has had no opportunity to meet with any of the artists of Jonny’s Group, including the other Jonny’s Jr. artists, Jonny’s Group’s employees or other staff members. Accordingly, no one involved in Jonny’s Group has been considered a person who has had close contact with an infected person as defined by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Moreover, as the artist has not entered the Jonny & Associates building or related facilities, the activities of other artists and the business activities of Jonny & Associates will be carried out as usual.


However if anyone who has had close contact with the infected artist is identified, beyond the people involved with Jonny’s Group, we will ensure that they will be informed of the situation and be advised to follow the instructions of the health center.


Jonny & Associates will endeavor to ensure the safety of you, the people who kindly support us, our artists, including the Jonny’s Jr. artists, and our employees by continuing the measures that we are currently taking, such as wearing masks, hand-washing and the use of alcohol disinfectants.



July 3, 2020

Johnny & Associates