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Announcing the establishment of Johnnys’ Island

【The background and goals of our new company】
We are pleased to announce that Johnnys’ Island will be established as a producing company within Johnny’s Group, with the goal of nurturing the future stars of Johnny & Associates. The new company will be involved in training Johnny’s Jr. and producing their work and performances. Following the philosophy of Johnny Kitagawa as CEO and lead by newly appointed President Hideaki Takizawa, who is responsible for the development of new talent, we will continue to produce our artists and their work in our effort to continue creating great entertainment.

【Details of the New Company】
Name of Corporation: Johnnys’ Island, Inc.
Principal Business: Nurturing new talent; and producing stage, concert and video performances
Directors: Chairman Johnny Kitagawa President Hideaki Takizawa
Date of Establishment: January 15, 2019
Capital: JPY 10,000,000 (100% funded by Johnny & Associates)