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Stories Behind our New Logo

Our new corporate logo represents our three aims; to cherish our relationship with you, who have supported us throughout our journey, to bring smiles and sensations to the world and to expand the circle of happiness. These aims are a reflection of our sincere determination and hope.

We also hope to strengthen the sense of unity by sharing the same logo with Johnny & Associates and our group companies, so it can be a signpost to help us progress in the same direction.

We will continue to keep our motto ‘Bringing happiness to the people all over the world through entertainment’ while also becoming ‘a company that is steady, positive and strong’. With this new logo we would like to reaffirm our aims and work even harder to achieve them with our group companies.

Design Concept

The logo has the initial letter ‘J’ of Johnny & Associates, and it depicts our mission to make people all over the world smile. It is also a signpost that will aid us to proceed towards this ‘positive direction’.

The red circle represents harmony, rings, good relationships and circles and we cherish these ideals as a company.

It also represents sincerity, freshness and genuineness.

Logo Color

Our logo color is an energetic and active red that represents love, revolution, liveliness, passion and life.

We also use deep green to show the sense of relief and stability, harmony as well as youth, freshness, healing, safety, sincerity and kindness.