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December 1964
Johnnys debuted with ‘Wakai Namida’
5th September 1968
Four Leaves debuted with ‘Olivia no Shirabe’
1st August 1972
Hiromi Go debuted with ‘Otoko no Ko, Onnna no Ko’
23rd January 1975
Established an office for Johnny & Associates in Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
25th July 1975
Little Gang debuted with ‘I Love You’
1st July 1977
Mayo Kawasaki debuted with ‘Love Shock’
21st June 1980
Toshihiko Tahara debuted with ‘Aishu Date (NEW YORK CITY NIGHTS)’
12th December 1980
Masahiko Kondō debuted with ‘Sneaker Blues’
August 1981
Tanokin Torio Thank You Concert (7th August at Korakuen Stadium, 9th August at Osaka Stadium and 12th August at Nagoya Stadium)
5th May 1982
Shibugakitai debuted with ‘NAI・NAI 16’
August 1983
Tanokin Torio Thank You Concert (7th August at Korakuen Stadium [cancelled], 14thth August at Nagoya Stadium and 28th August at Osaka Stadium)
1st September 1983
The Good-Bye debuted with ‘Kimagure One Way Boy’
12th December 1985
SHONENTAI debuted with ‘Kamen Butokai’
5th-27th July 1986
19th August 1987
Hikaru Genji debuted with ‘STAR LIGHT’
24th August 1988
Otokogumi debuted with ‘DAYBREAK’
22nd August 1990
Ninja debuted with ‘Omatsuri Ninja
9th September 1991
SMAP debuted with ‘Can’t Stop!! – LOVING –‘
21st September 1994
TOKIO debuted with ‘LOVE YOU ONLY’
1st November 1995
V6 debuted with ‘MUSIC FOR THE PEOPLE’
21st July 1997
KinKi Kids debuted with ‘Garasu no Shonen’
30th March 1998
The Head office was relocated to 8 chome, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
3rd November 1999
ARASHI debuted with ‘A・RA・SHI’
11th September 2002
Tackey & Tsubasa debuted with ‘Hatachi (an album)’
7th November 2003
NEWS debuted with ‘NEWS Nippon’
25th August 2004
KANJANI EIGHT debuted with ‘Naniwa Iroha Bushi’
22nd March 2004
KAT-TUN debuted with ‘Real Face’
14th November 2007
Hey! Say! JUMP debuted with ‘Ultra Music Power’
Our CEO Johnny Kitagawa was recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records for ‘the most #1 singles produced by an individual’ and for ‘the most concerts produced by an individual’.
10th August 2011
Kis-My-Ft2 debuted with ‘Everybody Go’
16th November 2011
Sexy Zone debuted with ‘Sexy Zone’
Our CEO Johnny Kitagawa was recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records for ‘the most #1 acts produced by an individual’.
1st February 2012
A.B.C-Z debuted with ‘Za ABC – 5 stars – (DVD)’
23rd April 2014
Johnny's West debuted with ‘Eejanaika’
6thJuly – 9th August 2014
PLAYZONE 1986・・・・2014★Thank You! – Aoyama Theatre ★
6th – 22nd January 2015
★Farewell! – Aoyama Theatre ★PLAYZONE 30YEARS★1232 shows
23rd May 2018
King and Prince debuted with ‘Cinderella Girl’
10th July 2018
The Head office was relocated to 9 chōme, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
22nd January 2020
SixTONES debuted with ‘Imitation Rain‘ / Snow Man debuted with ‘D.D.‘
12th November 2021
Naniwa Danshi debuted with "Ubu LOVE".